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Introducing Lacquer LOVE Boxes! – Duo Design Studio

Introducing Lacquer LOVE Boxes!

Drum roll please…JOLIE KOLAJ, AKA Gregs and I, are excited to announce our very first product collection — LACQUER LOVE BOXES. We LOVE lacquer and all things bright and shiny, and we LOVE boxes because they’re the perfect addition to any cocktail table, console, mantel, nightstand, etc., — they add a touch style that also provides a practical place to store things.

We’ve had a hard time finding boxes that we loved for our homes and clients, so we thought, why not create our own? The boxes are lacquered in beautiful, bright colors and topped with a slice of agate edged in gold leaf. Each box is absolutely unique and the medium box measures 8″ length x 4 1/2 wide x 4″ high and the large box measures 9 1/4″ length x 6 1/4″ wide x 5 1/2″ high. Medium boxes are priced at $48 and large boxes are $68 …


They provide a great place to store remote controls, keys, coasters, and more…


Right now, we have created hot pink. black and white boxes…


We love the natural agate against the shiny lacquer, c’est JOLIE!


They’re a perfect gift for your fabulous friends…


Next week, we will have ORANGE and GREEN boxes as well. You can find them in our ETSY store or if you live in Greenville, we would be happy to deliver one of LOVES direct to your door.

X O • J K

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