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Haute Fabrics – Duo Design Studio

Haute Fabrics

Beautiful fabric can take any furniture from functional to fabulous. We’re working on a new project with a client who has really sophisticated taste and we’ve chosen a chic color palette comprised of graceful grays, soothing silvers and beautiful blues. In order to complement the new palette we’re going to have some of her furniture recovered and we’ve chosen the gorgeous collection below.  One thing you’ll notice when you choose fabric from a fashion house is they look more like haute couture than functional fabric and each one works perfectly together…


 This fabric is being used for a chair and has subtle metallic threads…


This one is being used for two bergere chairs and it’s my favorite because not only is it soft but it also has a beautiful sheen and is durable as well …


The collection also has incredible details….


And just check out this exquisite leather…


We’ll share pictures in December of the recovered pieces and if you ever need to recover any furniture, just give us a call, we’d be happy to help!

X O • J K

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