The Best Gift – FAUX SURE!

We love anything super luxe and soft to layer in a room and that’s why we’re head over heels for our partner FABULOUS FURS. We often use these blankets in interiors and we buy them for family and friends every holiday season. In fact, we’re getting ready to place an order now so if you would […]

Chinoiserie Chic!

Chinoiserie Chic!Read more

We have been working with a dream client who shares our love for Chinoiserie. There is just something about this exotic style that really speaks to us. Chinoiserie first came into vogue when European trade expanded with East Asia in the 17th and 18th centuries, which led to fanciful interpretations of Chinese styles in interiors, textiles, furniture, pottery […]

Hide and Seek!

We have long loved cowhide rugs and were thrilled when we found our wonderful supplier SADDLEMANS OF SANTA FE at market in Atlanta. Although we were immediately impressed with the quality, we first wanted to try them in our homes before we put one in a client’s. After ordering multiple hides for both our homes […]

Real Inspiring

There was a whole lot of crazy going on this season with The Real Housewives of New York City — did you see the finale when Aviva threw her prosthetic leg? Every year, I swear I’m not going to watch this train wreck but the saving grace this season was the fabulous makeover of Carole […]

Haute Picks – White and Gold

White and Gold and Glam OHMY I used to get teased in college for wearing white Vaurnet’s, of which I still own! White decor is my latest obsession. I have an all white living room so that I can change the accessories when I tire of them and change the whole look of the room […]


We’ve been working on a new collection for a major manufacturer so I’ve been looking at PANTONE’s color trends for Spring/Summer 2015 and pastels are popping up everywhere as you can see below… When I mentioned the pastel trends to a group on women I was talking to, one woman said, “Eww, I hate pastels!” […]

Spring FabuLESSness!

This is the busiest time of year for our licensed product design business and we’re literally working day and night on new collections for two new amazing partners but all work and no play makes for a cranky Christa so I took a few hours off and headed to Marshall’s Home Goods. My intention was […]

Copper Penny Grand Opening

Congratulations to Heather Brehm and Elizabeth Brehm on the grand opening of their new Copper Penny on Augusta Road. Gregorie and I were fortunate to assist with some of the design choices for their fabulous new boutique and perhaps the most amazing thing was the entire store came together in just 19 days. We started […]

Spring Trends

After being snowed in for a week it makes our hearts sing to think about spring! We haven’t been able to blog as much as we want because we’ve been crazy busy and been given the most incredible opportunity to create a new product collection for a company that we’ve long admired, so we’ve been […]

Timeless Style

I love my interior design books so I was thrilled when my sweet sister-in-law gave me Suzanne Kasler’s Timeless Style for Christmas. As I flipped through the book page by page, I realized that over the years I had clipped and catalogued many of her rooms from Veranda, House Beautiful, Elle Decor and more… This […]

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