Q: Why hire a designer?   

A: Whether you need help designing one room, an entire house or a commercial space, the process can be overwhelming and mistakes are costly. We offer you experience, creativity, a vast library of resources, trustworthy contractors, outstanding service and significant savings.

Q: I would like to decorate my home or office but I don’t have a lot of time to devote to the process, should I still hire a designer?

A: Yes, we’ll handle all the shopping, ordering and delivery of finish materials, furnishings and fixtures, as well as coordinate and oversee the labor of contractors such as painters. We can bring selections to your home or office if you prefer and make it as convenient as possible.

Q:  What size projects does your studio accept? Can I start with one room?

Many of our clients have started with just one room. Whether you need to decorate your first home or completely redesign it, we can help you conceptualize, visualize and realize your dream.

 Q: I don’t know what my design style is or how to articulate it, should I still work with you?

A: This is a common concern and we have a process to help you decide what colors, textures, images, shapes, finishes and furniture you like best. Our favorite part of our job is helping you create a space that’s completely unique to your personality and not a replica of a “specific style” that looks done and impersonal.

Q: How do you charge for your time?

A: Hiring DUO DESIGN STUDIO is an investment in saving you time and acquiring the peace of mind that your job is being executed professionally, in a cost-effective manner and to your liking. There is not one industry standard for how designers bill for their professional time, but there are three common formats– Hourly, Flat Fee and Cost Plus.

As its name implies, hourly billing means you are charged an hourly fee for the time it takes to complete your project. A Flat Fee arrangement means you are billed one flat fee for the design, execution and completion of your job. And, Cost Plus means a flat fee based on the percentage of the cost of your job is billed.

We will work with you to develop an estimated budget based on the size of your project.

Q: What is DUO DESIGN STUDIO’S style?

A: Our goal is to create a space YOU love! We don’t subscribe to a particular design style such as modern, transitional or traditional. We collaborate with you to create an environment that’s a reflection of your taste and spirit. One of our biggest joys is to work on a variety of project styles to keep things fresh and interesting.

Q: I am ready to start, what’s the next step?

A: Fantastic, we can’t wait to meet you! Please call or email our studio to arrange your initial consultation. We’ll send you a detailed questionnaire and then set up a time to meet at your residence or office for a one-hour consultation to see your existing environment and review your aesthetic and functional needs. We’ll ask a number of detailed questions and discuss your project budget and timeline.

Q: How do I prepare for our first meeting?

A: In an effort to help us create a beautiful space that’s a reflection of your taste, we recommend gathering images from magazines, Houzz and/or creating a Pinterest board. The images you show us don’t have to be pictures of interior spaces, just show us whatever tickles your fancy. The more meaningful images you can show us the easier it will be for us to understand your preferences and design your unique environment. Have fun compiling your reference file knowing that it will be a valuable tool.

The second item to prepare is your project budget. Rather than approach your project from a standpoint of how much you think it will cost, we have found it more effective to give thoughtful consideration as to what you’re comfortable investing in your project.

Once you have determined your project budget, we’ll work with you to determine how your money should be allocated as far as furnishings, labor, etc., as well as offer suggestions on how to maximize your budget while realizing your vision.

By deciding on a budget you’re comfortable with before your initial consultation will help you feel in control of the process, save time and money, and assist us in working more effectively. Once you decide on your budget, we will prepare a detailed Excel spreadsheet and review all of our receipts with you.

Q: What does “To the Trade” mean?

The phrase “To the Trade” means that Design Centers or Show Rooms distribute their products exclusively through the services of design professionals and do not sell directly to the public. We have access to the showrooms in ADAC, High Point and Americas Mart, which can save you significant money.