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Tips and Tricks – Duo Design Studio

Ever wonder what the perfect distance is between your chandelier and dining room table? Or how high you should hang a mirror above a mantel? Just check below for different tips and tricks. And if you want to hang your mirrors from the ceiling and display your artwork on the floor, we’re down with that too. We believe there’s no wrong or right, just great design.


  • The perfect viewing point for most artwork is 63” above the floor.
  • The perfect amount of space between a mirror and top of the mantel is 7”.
  • If you’re hanging a series of pictures keep the gap between 2” and 2 ½”.
  • The ideal height to hang a flat-screen TV is eye level when you’re in viewing position. The ideal viewing distance is 1 ½ times the size of your flat screen.
  • Typical sconce height for bathrooms is 66” above the floor.
  • Install an outlet 28″ high behind a console table so you can add lamps without a tangle of cords.
  • Locate light switches approximately 36″ above the floor to stay out of the way of art.


  • Keep a minimum of 15” between sofas and coffee tables.
  • Float something or two things in the room to avoid the dance hall look.
  • Bathroom vanities at 36” are usually more comfortable and ergonomic than the standard 30”.
  • An ideal length for a kitchen island is 5′ x 8′ so you can sit stools around it but it doesn’t look like an aircraft carrier.


  • Try to avoid sconces OVER the mirror as it casts unflattering shadows. Sconces that FLANK the mirror are more flattering.
  • Consider something sparkly that can add glamour to the room.
  • For flattering light line your lampshades in soft pink or use GE soft pink 100 watt bulbs.
  • Lighting creates atmosphere and dimmer switches are wonderful in any room.


  • For a dream bed, layer it with sheets, a lightweight comforter or coverlet, a duvet at the foot, sleeping pillows against the headboard followed by standards shams, then European shams and the decorative pillows in a contrasting fabric.
  • Try and stop at 6 pillows on a bed: 2 soft extra-long pillows, 2 European squares and if you want more, 2 accent pillows.
  • An ideal height for bedside tables is 36” to 38”.
  • If you love a bench at the foot of a bed try and find one that is 2” shorter than the mattress width.


  • Choose colors that make you happy when you walk into a room.
  • Every room needs a touch of black.
  • If you want do a bright color like an orange foyer, then pop that orange in different ways throughout the house.
  • A reflective, glossy glaze on a lower ceiling creates the illusion of height.
  • If the ceiling seems too high, use a matte-finish paint.


  • Small abstract sculptures are an instant way to modernize a traditional room.
  • Display everything in a collection together for impact.
  • Carnations are an inexpensive flower and can be beautiful in a single color and great abundance.
  • The Pickens Flea Market is a great source for truly unique accessories.
  • Marshalls Home Goods has great lamps, trays and mirrors.



I recently had the opportunity to work with Christa and Gregorie. They helped me renovate and decorate my new home. As a single mom I did not have a lot of time to devote to the project. They were excellent in meeting my busy schedule and I loved how they listened to me and used my ideas to help guide me. I was amazed at how cost effective they are. I often found things on-line and then had them source the item for me and saved money through them! After one meeting they really had a feel for what I liked and my style. They are fantastic to work with and such good ladies! If I had to rate them 1-10 with 10 the best...I would given them a 15! Sally King


I was referred to DUO DESIGN STUDIO by several different friends but thought it would be "too expensive" to hire a designer. I could not have been more wrong about that notion and I could not have been more right to look to DUO DESIGN STUDIO to help me design my master bedroom suite! Christa & Gregorie are AMAZING to work with...they have great ideas & vision but more important to me, they listened to what I wanted - they really wanted to understand my tastes/style/budget before ultimately coming up with a plan for my master bedroom. The master bedroom feels like such a sanctuary for my husband and I...we are so incredibly happy with how beautiful it is! And did I mention how much FUN these ladies are to work with??? Now I'm off to the next project in my home with Christa and Gregorie leading the way --- color, leopard print, lacquer...oh my!!! Sonya Rigsby


I don’t have the space to say all of the wonderful things these girls have accomplished in my home. We renovated our home over the last year and DUO DESIGN STUDIO has been with me throughout the entire journey. We met and discussed my vision. Then they created incredible vision boards and we went for it. Everything came together better than I could have ever dreamed. They are plugged into the best resources in the business and always tried to get me the best deal. Their ability to save me money allowed my to expand their decorating talents to other rooms in the house. I would use them again for any project, big or small. They are energetic, full of unique ideas and went the extra mile in customer service. These girls are THE best. Liz McKissick