As we turn the page on a new year and a new decade, it’s the ideal time to look ahead and see what’s hot and what’s not for 2020. Personally, I’m excited about many of these trends that we’ve already been incorporating into our projects. Read on to see what you would like to embrace this year.

IN: Grand Millenial

This may be a relatively new term but we’ve always loved this look. It includes classic elements such as chinoiserie, natural fiber rugs, tailored pillow with more contemporary and clean lines for the furniture plus modern art.

OUT: Gray on Gray

Hallelujah! While we love gray, we’ve never been a big fan of an all gray room and have encouraged clients to some gold elements or pops of color to warm up the space. Now we are seeing warmer tones and elements be included with gray interiors and we couldn’t be happier.

IN: Bold Monochromatics

Yippee we love color and this room reminds us of the Color of the Year — see previous post. Be daring and go bold in a study or a bedroom.

OUT: All White Trim and Doors

This another trend we never embraced and have been encouraging clients to paint doors Dragon’s Breath or Hale Navy or Black for a while now.

IN: Layering Old and New

This is another design philosophy we’ve embraced from the start. Check out Gregorie’s unique mix of an antique settee and dining room table with contemporary chairs and artwork.

OUT: Industrial Design

We saw this coming a year ago and couldn’t be happier! It’s just such a cold, lifeless look and I’m a total hater of Edison light bulbs.

IN: Bold Powder rooms

If there’s one space you can go wild, it’s a powder room. Create a visual treat for your guests and since the space is so small you can choose an expensive paper without breaking the bank!

OUT: Concrete Floors

They can be practical in basements and high traffic areas but visually they are so cold and boring.

IN: Performance Fabrics

We’ve long embraced performance fabrics such as Crypton because there’s so many beautiful options these days. Gregorie did all of her furniture in her family room in light colored Crypton Fabrics.

IN: Bold black and white

Finally, my personal favorite is the trend of bold black and white although I believe this has been around for a while. All of our design firm’s branding is black and white and I used a lot of black and white when we renovated our personal home above last year!

Next week we travel to the Atlanta market and ADAC so we’ll be posting about the trends we see there as well.