Mirror Mirror

Updating an old mirror is easy and fun! All you need is some paint, fretwork, glue and a little patience.

Here is the mirror I bought from an antique store. It was not expensive, and it was made really well, it weighs about 80 lbs.


The first thing I did was took it to my local framer who wired the back of it to withstand it’s weight on the wall. She came outside and did it right in the back of my car.

The next step was coming up with a color. I decided since there was so much color in the room already in the drapes and artwork, I would paint it the same color as the walls.



My friend, Angi, came up with the brilliant idea to order fretwork to go around it.  I spray painted the fretwork gold and glued it on!



I love the way it turned out!