Gregs and I worked on a new painting that combines our love of vintage papers, witty sayings and our scraping technique. When we decided to do this painting we were looking for a style icon and we immediately thought of Coco Chanel. I love everything about Chanel from the clothes and perfume to the fascinating Coco who remains such an inspiration to designers today. When I researched famous quotes by Coco, we found the perfect one, which you’ll see in the last photo.

To start the painting, we used vintage dictionary pages, maps of Paris and fashion images and applied everything to a 36 x 36 canvas.


We then sketched a silhouette of Coco Chanel from an old photography I found.


We used black acrylic to paint the silhouette and add texture.


We then added scrapings of a beautiful pink, white and a fabulous gold acrylic paint.



We finished the painting with Coco’s quote — “YOU LIVE BUT ONCE; YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE AMUSING.”

We love this quote because well, we couldn’t agree more. The painting is now for sale at Les Beaux Art Gallery in the Pendleton Art District. We had so much fun creating this painting that we’ll soon be doing another, which we’ll share with you.


X O • J K